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About Scarey Racing Team

In 1995, Brett sold his Vee to focus on studies and career until 2005. He returned to racing with a Victorian Sabre formula vee, achieving podium finishes. In 2006, he ventured into the Eastern States, acquiring the first 1600cc Elfin Crusader formula vee in WA. The Ajay 06 arrived, unbeatable with a sleek design. In 2008, Brett bought an Ajay 08 to compete. In 2010, he leased the Ajay 08 to Cameron Edwards, who developed it into a front-runner. In 2011, Brett bought a champion Elfin Crusader and a 1600cc Stinger. The Stinger was leased to Campbell Cow. In 2017, Roy joined Scarey Racing with a CDVEE. After 2017, Roy left, and in 2018, Brett sold the CDVEE to Roy. Brett ran the 1200cc category in 2018. In 2019 and 2020, he raced the CDVEE, while the Ajay08 remained inactive. In 2021, the Ajay08 was fixed, and Brett became state champion. In 2022, Simon leased the Ajay08 while Brett continued in the 1200cc category, winning everything. In 2023, Brett’s son Jonathan enters the 1200cc categories, and Simon leases the Ajay08 for another year, rejoining the 1600cc categories successfully.


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Built First Car

When Brett was just 16 years old, his dad crafted his very first Formula Vee car, powered by a 1200cc VW engine.


Shifting Focus

Brett sells his first Formula Vee to focus on studies and career.


Racing Revival

Brett re-enters the racing scene with a Victorian Sabre Formula Vee, achieving podium finishes.


Powering Up

Brett acquires the first 1600cc Elfin Crusader Formula Vee in WA. Ajay 06 driven by Jez Hammond joins the team


Competing at the Front

Brett invests in Ajay 08 to challenge competitors. Leases it to Cameron Edwards, leading to significant improvements.


Expanding Horizons

Brett leases the 1200cc NG Copy Formula Vee to Scotty Evans, enabling competitive performances.


Champion Pursuits

Brett purchases a champion-winning Elfin Crusader Formula Vee and a 1600cc Stinger Formula Vee for increased competitiveness.


New Faces, New Models

Roy Wallace joins the team with CDVEE model, eventually sold in 2018 due to his departure.


Racing Beginnings

Brett's sons, Jonathan and Isaac, entered Soapbox racing in the junior category in 2018. By 2020, Jonathan transitioned to the seniors' league, and both boys excelled, winning numerous races. However, after a successful stint, they decided to step back from racing, becoming spectators and supporting their dad while lending a hand wherever needed.


Legacy Racing

Brett races in the 1200cc categories and continues with CDVEE, preparing the Ajay08 for the track after an accident in 2018.


Triumphs and Challenges

Brett becomes state champion in CDVEE, faces setbacks with Ajay08, which is later repaired by Anthony and Simon.


Smooth Transitions

Simon leases Ajay08, achieving success in 1600cc categories, while Brett continues to dominate 1200cc categories.


Unexpected Twists

Brett surprises everyone by getting a new car, Ajay06, after Jonathan's final practise session was finnsihedafter 8 laps by a blown motor. Despite no practice, Jonathan finishes a solid 4th out of 8th, in another car they purchased during the week. Lachlan Beresford races in Ajay06 with a 160cc engine but retires early due to engine issues, prompting the team to focus on future plans rather than rushing repairs.

2017 Formula Vee Western Australia National Challenge

History of Formula Vee

The class originated in the U.S. in 1960 at the request of a Volkswagen dealer. Vee racing began in 1963 and was recognised as a class of racing by the Sports Car Club of America. Within a year it was rated fourth in numbers of the 17 racing classes, a year later it was a close second and by 1966 the class was way out in front. 

In Australia, Formula Vee was established in 1965. Up until 2004, Formula Vees in Australia where based in the 1200cc Volkswagen engine, gearbox and suspension. After much research and consultation, the Australian Formula Vee community began its shift towards the volkswagen 1600cc engine, geabox and suspension. Today, Formula Vee look modern, are easy to work on and parts are plentiful.

When Formula Vee was established it was designed as a learning class of motor racing. As the sport grew, the formula quickly established itself as a popular form of racing worldwide. Take a look at Formula Vee at the 33rd Australian Grand Prix held in 1968. 

Since Formula Vee’s establishment in Australia in 1965, membership and car clubs have grown rapidly as it is a level of motor racing most enthusiasts can afford. It is the best value-for-money race car package in Australia still to this day. 

Formula Vee racing provides the thrill of fiercely competitive motor racing at a budget cost. Permitted modifications are minimal so that greater emphasis is on driver skill rather than budget. As a result, the class is the first proving ground in motor racing and has often been a stepping-stone to higher levels of motorsport.

Formula Vee is controlled by the Formula Vee Association of Australia (FVAA). Without any support from the motor sports establishment, Formula Vee is the fastest growing category with the largest pool of cars in Australian motor sport.


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About Formula Vee

Formula Vee has long been a proving ground in Australian motor racing and it continues as a highly contested and the most affordable racing category in motorsport today.

Formula Vee is one of the longest running categories in Australia and now in our 55th year we continue to have over 25 competitors in WA and some 250 registered competitors nationally.

Formula Vee is the best value-for-money race car package, providing the thrill of fiercely competitive motor racing on an affordable budget. Permitted modifications are minimal so emphasis is placed on driver ability as opposed to budget. As a result, many of Australia’s best drivers, including Larry Perkins, Colin Bond, John Bowe and Jason Bargwanna, commenced their careers in Formula Vee.

The Formula Vee Association of WA manages Formula Vee racing within Western Australia. This includes liaising with race meeting promoters, Formula Vee Australia in relation to technical rules, promotion and marketing, fund raising for interstate events and social gatherings.

With current fields of up to 20 cars filling the grids around Western Austalia, Formula Vee continues to thrive in WA. New members and new cars regularly appear at race meetings and we are always ready to assist new members wherever possible. Formula Vee is one of the most friendly categories making it a great way to spend your weekend!

Live Your Dreams

Named after its use of Volkswagen components, Formula Vee is recognised by the Australian motor sport governing body, CAMS, as the entry-level open-wheeler circuit competition. Strictly controlled car specifications place greater emphasis on driver skill rather than budget and mechanical aptitude. As a result, it is a learning class and a stepping-stone into higher levels of motor sport. Larry Perkins, John Bowe, Colin Bond, Cameron McConville, Jason Bargwanna and Paul Stokell all began their careers in Formula Vee.


Drivers Nationally With in excess of 300 cars nationally, grids are filled with drivers of different backgrounds and aspirations.


9 WA Races Western Australia Championship is fought across nine race meetings, racing every 2-3 weeks from March to November.


Driving Skills

Youngest Member From as young as 14, Formula Vee provides the opportunities to learn driving skills

Forget Retirement

Oldest Driver Getting old does not have to mean a life of Golf, its time to live a little and get behind the wheel of a Formula Vee

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