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In 1995 Brett sold his vee to concentrate on his studies and professional career in which he did until 2005 in which Brett then re-entered the racing scene with the purchase of a Victorian Sabre formula vee. Brett raced the Sabre for the next couple of years with many podium finishes. In 2006, Brett decided to take the leap and follow the Eastern States and purchased the first 1600cc powered Elfin Crusader formula vee from NSW. This vee was the first 1600cc vee to race in WA. Brett was then followed by the arrival of the Ajay 06 driven by Jez Hammond. The Anthony Lees and Bruce Yeo built Ajay formula vee started to be unbeatable with its sleek formula ford design so in 2008 Brett purchased an Ajay 08 to try and give Jez Hammond some competition. In 2010 Brett leased the Ajay o8 to a past formula vee driver Cameron Edwards who, with help from GerryKay Mechanical invested time and effort into developing the car bringing it to the front of the grid. Brett then purchased a 1200cc NG Copy formula vee which had been sitting in a garage for a couple of years and leased it to Scotty who has been very competitive in the vee with many podium finishes. Scotty Evans continues to lease the Elfin NG for 2012 season. In 2011, Brett purchased a champion winning Elfin Crusader formula vee from Albany and has been racing and leasing it out. Brett also at the same time decided to purchase a 1600cc Stinger formula vee from Melbourne as there was a call for 1600cc lease cars in WA. The Stinger is currently being leased by Campbell Cow. In 2017 Roy joined apart of the scarey racing team crew and brought a 1200cc formula vee which Cameron and Don built in 19?? and it was called the CDVEE model. After the 2017 season finished Roy decided to leave scarey racing team and to continue his journey. In 2018 Brett contacted Roy about selling the CDVEE, as Brett didn’t want a formula vee just sitting around in the shed. In 2018 Brett decided he was going to run the season back in a 1200cc categories to give them some competition, after finishing the season. In 2019 and 2020 Brett continued his racing career in the CDVEE formula vee and was getting the car up to the front of the categories, In one of the race meetings Brett decided to let somebody drive the Ajay08 and in the first race he drove it, was in an accident, which lead to the Ajay08 broken for a few years. In 2021 Brett decided to get the Ajay08 up and running, Brett let Anthony and Simon fix the Ajay08 and get it up and running. By the end of the 2021 season Brett was able to become state champion and also a lot of different awards in the CDVEE, while having some bad luck and blowing motors and gearboxes after every single race meeting, Anthony and Simon also was able to get the Ajay08 running for the 2022 season. In 2022 Brett decided to let Simon lease the Ajay08 for the 2022 season, as Brett still wanted to race in the 1200cc categories to win everything, the 2022 season went very smoothly after winning everything again, and Simon being able to get the Ajay08 to the front runners by the last race meeting of the season. In 2023 Brett will be jumping out of a formula vee as his son Jonathan will jumping into the 1200cc categories for his first season, This is Jonathan’s next move into his racing career after taking everything out in his past 2 years of doing soapbox racing and winning as soon as he started racing, Simon will also be leasing the Ajay08 for another year after a very successful year after a rebuilt and rejoing the 1600cc categories as he was able to get the Ajay08 up into the top running packs.  

 Can’t for the 2023 season to begin!