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Full Throttle Glory: Scarey Racing Team Thrilling 2023 Year!

Well that brings the 2023 season to a close. This year has seen us as a team tackle anything and everything, and it’s been one of the hardest we’ve had to endure as a family, and we can’t thank our Formula Vee extended family enough for their support in all the challenges we faced.

2023 saw Jonathan take the wheel for the first time after growing up spending weekends trackside. Although it took the first three meetings and two motors he has done nothing but impress and prove his ability to have a place on the grid and I’m sure we will continue to see bigger and better things in the coming years. Big thanks to all that helped him in his rookie year. Well done Jonny

Brett once again had an extremely successful year, and after 30+ years of racing was forced to be reminded of the dangers of Motorsport, after the round six accident saw him spending time in the trauma unit at Royal Perth and the car looking mechanically and physically a little worse for wear. However with a few rolls of gaffa tape holding the car together, and a couple of Panadol later Brett continued the final rounds to finish the season in true racing form.

Simon also had a year of mechanical issues but his love for the sport shone through, with hours of development and improvements happening at all hours. Simon is well respected and has been invaluable to Scarey Racing team this year as well as also offering his mechanical knowledge to other club members.

Final achievements for 2023 Season:


1st Gerry Kay Memorial Plate

1st 1200 state championships

1st WASCC 1200 championship

1st FVAWA 1200 club championship

2nd 1200 Collie Cup

2nd BMGraphics Plate

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Most improved

Rookie of the year

Jonesy award

4th FVAWA 1200 club championship

4th 1200 Collie Cup

5th 1200 state championships

7th WASCC 1200 championship

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All Tools Spanner-man Award

2nd FVAWA 1600 club championship

4th 1600 Collie Cup

4th 1600 state championships

5th WASCC 1600 championship

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